We are Kurppa Hosk

Change in a world where everything is happening at once

For decades, strong brands have been the edge for leaders who understand the commercial world. And for the last 15 years, Kurppa Hosk has been the edge for leaders who know what it takes to build a strong brand.

Brand has become an imperative for anyone who wants to make a sustainable difference in the world, whether it be commercially, culturally, or socially.

Companies that take brand seriously have an uncanny ability to succeed where others fail. They push themselves apart from their peers, growing transformative cultures, creating relationships with the people who matter, and adapting to shifting contexts while still moving decisively forward.

At Kurppa Hosk we are 80+ thinkers and doers that make our clients successful by helping them understand the current state of their brand, and from there, finding them a meaningful place in a world where everything is happening at once. Then accordingly, defining and designing their brands to accelerate meaningful change. We do it for clients across industries, sectors, maturity and geographies.

Business Artistry

At the heart of our work is our belief in Business Artistry. It’s a duality built on the recognition that commercial success has its foundations in the same bedrock of human emotion as anything else in this world. The same thing holds true for strategy or design: it’s where the fact-based meets the intuitive that we find results that stand out.

  • Insight

    True precision

    If you want a firm foundation, you need to drill down to the hard truth. Rigorous analysis is the bedrock of informed decisions. It can tell you who you are, who your competitors are, and what’s changing in the world around you. Qualitative and quantitative data let you map reality and stake out your claim.

  • Strategy

    Direction at speed

    Insights may tell you what’s true, but they’re never going to tell you what to do about it. That's where strategy comes in. Brand strategy is the art and science of affecting change through clarity. Knowing what your brand stands for lets you take decisive action to deliver on your business goals: defining your arena, rallying your culture, and making your competitors irrelevant.

  • Identity

    Ultimate edge

    With a world-beating strategy in place, it’s time to make it magnetize the people who matter most. That means design that punches through any attempt to ignore it. Names that live rent-free in people’s heads. Messaging that drives new behaviors. In other words: a brand with all the raw material of greatness.

  • Experience

    Total immersion

    Having defined the ultimate version of your brand, we bring it into three dimensions, crafting a truly unified experience across digital and physical touchpoints. From killer apps to spatial design, this is where the brand comes to life around your audience.

  • Activation

    Beyond the boardroom

    Ideas are best judged by their impact. And that’s why activation is all-important. Properly harnessed, brand can become the ultimate engine to drive meaningful change by uniting your organization around a shared vision, energizing your communications, and hammering out a new destiny for your company.

  • Governance

    Right where it matters

    Presenting a single coherent experience across markets isn’t something you set and forget. Keeping your brand consistently amazing and undeniably relevant requires a fusion of discipline and creativity. As well as, perhaps most importantly, the right organization, tools, and operative model.

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