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Kurppa Hosk is pleased to announce the launch of Kurppa Hosk Communications, a creative agency built upon data-driven insights and serving as a seamless extension of Kurppa Hosk’s existing branding services. The new agency is established through the merger of agencies Animal and BLCK Communication under the creative leadership of Kurppa Hosk.

Animal, BLCK Communication, and Kurppa Hosk are renowned for their branding and communications work for brands such as Minecraft, Samsung, Nike and H&M. The merger of Animal and BLCK under the Kurppa Hosk moniker is a result of changing market demands.

“There is a tradition in our industry of separating brand and communication, which doesn’t align well with the reality of today. We are laying the foundation for a new type of creative agency where our ambition is to utilize ARC’s expertise in data-driven insights. By guiding our clients from insights and strategy all the way to experiences and communication, Kurppa Hosk and Kurppa Hosk Communications can effectively build truly strong brands” says Silla Levin, Creative Lead of Kurppa Hosk Communications.

“We refer to our approach to design and strategy at Kurppa Hosk as Business Artistry, combining rational insights and creativity. It feels logical to take this step as we will leverage data-driven insights to inform decision-making and optimize communication strategies. Together, we are uniquely positioned to elevate brands to new heights of success.”

Thomas Kurppa – Chief Creative Officer at Kurppa Hosk

The new agency will be spearheaded by award-winning founder and chief creative officer, Thomas Kurppa, and create a clear link between the trailblazing designs and strategy work of Kurppa Hosk and the innovative digital creatives of Animal and BLCK.

Kurppa Hosk and Kurppa Hosk Communications will operate as two separate companies united by a shared vision, philosophy, and commitment to pioneering brand and business strategy. Kurppa Hosk and Kurppa Hosk Communications are part of ARC Arise Consulting (ARC), a group of specialist consultancies with offices in the US and Europe. Lotta Hård has been appointed Managing Director for Kurppa Hosk Communications.

Creative Leadership at KHC + KH
From the left: Lotta Hård, Silla Levin and Thomas Kurppa.

Launching Kurppa Hosk Communications

Creative Leadership
Award-winning teams from agencies Animal and BLCK Communication meet under the new Kurppa Hosk Communications moniker.

Expanded Client Portfolio
Kurppa Hosk Communications inherits a rich portfolio from its constituent agencies and is ready to cater to a diverse range of clientele.

Geographical Reach
Kurppa Hosk Communications will operate from New York and Stockholm.

Number of employees
Together, Kurppa Hosk and Kurppa Hosk Communications employ 150 people.

About ARC Arise Consulting

Kurppa Hosk and Kurppa Hosk Communications (Animal and BLCK Communication) are part of ARC Arise Consulting AB.

ARC is a carefully selected group of specialist companies. Different in craft but united in the ambition to solve our clients’ problems and create lasting value. We are 1200 people across different markets. All are passionate about change.

By bringing together companies with contrasting perspectives and experiences, we built a new kind of advisory firm. ARC operates at the intersection of strategy & change, brand & communication, innovation & experience, sales & performance, and data & technology. We want to make a difference for the planet, and the biggest positive impact we can have is to help transform our clients to become more sustainable. This transformation is driven by digitalization, innovation, and a commitment to change how business is done and brands are built.

We are a diverse team of creative, strategic, and digital thinkers. Today, ARC consists of Above, Ariel, Conversionista, Cupole, Curamando, Curious Mind, Fabrique, Goods, Heydays, Kurppa Hosk, Kurppa Hosk Communications (formerly Animal and BLCK Communication), Mission Anew, Q42, and Umain.

About Altor Equity Partners

The leading external investor supporting the ARC group's growth journey is Altor Equity Partners. Altor is a minority owner and ARC is run in majority by the active founders and shareholders in the company.

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