Turning brand into an engine for impact
It goes without saying, that we are living in one of the most challenging periods of all time. A time in which both environmental and social crises are affecting everything and everyone, and in which sustainability need to be prioritised.

But our planet, people and businesses are facing an increasingly complex and uncertain reality. One that is not being helped by a global greenwashing pandemic, abbreviation overload and global trust collapse.

At the same time, we are faced with new demands and expectations to show real impact. Investors demand it, employees value it and consumers are looking for companies to take the lead. In other words, the world is in need of sustainable transformation. And brand has a key role to play.

Brand = business. And business = brand.

At its core, brand is the interface between a business and its stakeholders. It determines how we are perceived and who we build relationships with. In other words, brand and business are closely linked, like two sides of the same coin. When genuinely aligned, they can reinforce each other. Giving brand the power to not only drive profitability but also postive change.

Understanding our current state

As a global brand agency, our clients often face some type of transformation. From an industry leader needing to redefine its position in a rapidly changing landscape, to a start-up challenging the status quo in a new market. Our role is to guide this transition, while capturing the essence of what a business stands for, throughout time.

Our approach begins with a comprehensive assessment of a business's current state, including how it generates value for both internal and external stakeholders, alongside its goals, challenges and aspirations. Through qualitative and quantitative methods, we explore our clients' inner, near, and outer worlds. We dive into their past, present and future with curiosity. Going beyond what is known and challenging assumptions to arrive at the core issue. Together, we make the complicated clear and help answer core questions, like; why do we exist? what unique value do we bring our stakeholders? and what does long-term success look like? Questions that in today’s world, cannot be truly answered without considering our impact on the world.

Articulating our desired future

To unlock the power of brand as a driving force for sustainable transformation, we also need to have a clear direction of where we are going. What is the positive change you desire, is it true to your business and relevant for your stakeholders? Also, how do you intend to achieve this in a way that is uniquely yours? Articulating a new direction for all stakeholders in a clear way, is exactly what brand can do. It trandscends time, stakeholders, and touchpoints. It is both a legacy and a promise.

How to make impact happen

At Kurppa Hosk, we leverage insights and dare to make creative choices that truly set a brand apart. For us, building an impact brand is not determined by how ‘innately sustainable’ an industry is, it is about the determination to change and drive real transformation. From guiding industry-giants into the future, to helping native-sustainability businesses grow. Like transforming transportation and driving electrification for commercial transport, with brands like Scania. Supporting Heart Aerospace in making electric air travel a reality or scaling sustainable energy solutions, like Aira and Vindmark. Impact is also about making communities more inclusive and resilient, for example by raising awareness around mental health with The Tim Bergling Foundation.

That’s why our mission is to make brands accelerate transformation. A mission that spans across global scales, industries, and disciplines. A mission we work on with unexpectedly creative strategists, unusually strategic designers, and uncommonly operational account drivers.

Together, with Kurppa Hosk Communications, we have the ability to create real impact brands and attention-grabbing communication that can not only change attitudes but also inspire action. We are also a part of ARC. A new kind of consultancy collective operating at the intersection of Strategy & Change — Brand, Marketing & Experience — and Innovation, Technology & Data. At ARC we are all different in craft but united in the ambition to solve hard problems and create lasting value.

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