Clas Ohlson

A modern identity for the digital age

Since its inception, Clas Ohlson has been synonymous with quality and innovation, and a Swedish cornerstone in home improvement and DIY. But communicating its role and value in the digital age called for a more contemporary expression.

To address this, we were commissioned to revamp Clas Ohlson’s visual identity, ensuring it resonates with both its storied past and dynamic future. The new identity includes the introduction of a new symbol that captures the brand’s enduring legacy while signaling its forward-thinking ethos. The existing symbol has been a key element for the brand, even gracing the front of the company’s headquarters. Our modern interpretation provides Clas Ohlson with stronger recognition in an increasingly digital world.

Complementing the symbol, a new typeface was created to balance tradition and modernity. This typeface not only enhances readability across digital platforms but also reinforces the brand’s design DNA, supporting both the logo and other communications. Empowered with an evolved identity, Clas Ohlson stands ready to meet the challenges of the future while honoring the proud heritage that has defined it for generations.

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