DustinBrand activation

Attaining Dustin’s new position

With the new brand position clearly defined, the next step was to accelerate firmly towards it. Working closely with Dustin’s in-house teams we helped create the perception shifts and new connotations necessary to attain the desired position.

E-commerce experience

Dustin’s e-commerce platform is the most central brand carrier of its entire ecosystem. We worked in tandem with Dustin’s in-house design team to co-create the digital design presence and UX necessary to optimize interaction and support new sales.

Product & service packaging

To showcase Dustin’s wider service and solutions offering, a new user e-commerce concept was created. As guiding and reassuring customers would be key to success, our work included a new user experience to emulate customer interaction from the physical sales environment, deftly translated for online.

Communication strategy & concept

Dustin’s current and new audiences needed to know the brand and offering had changed. A full communication strategy including concept, a segmentation-led messaging platform and tonality was built on the brand promise ‘We keep things moving’.

“Kurppa Hosk’s pragmatic way of working combined with high competence and long experience was really a key success factor in this work.”

Thomas Ekman, CEO Dustin Group

Employer branding

As new talent would play a major role in Dustin’s position shift, our brand implementation remit also included an employer brand strategy. A fresh employee value proposition, messaging framework and communications toolbox helped Dustin attract and retain the talent it needed.

Brand tracking

Dustin wanted to track progress towards its new brand position, and measure shifts in awareness and perception. We helped them set up a tracking program to measure Dustin and key competitors against defined rational and emotional measures. Each Dustin department is tasked with continuous monitoring of this tracker, adjusting plans and strategies to support their long-term brand shift.