DustinBrand strategy

Defining a relevant, profitable and unique position

The success of Dustin’s transformation relied on identifying the right new positioning. One that was relevant and attractive to both Dustin’s current and future customers, attainable based on the company’s strengths and capabilities, and given new customer demands and competitors offerings, highly competitive.
Two key differentiators

Now offering both hardware and IT services, Dustin was no longer only competing with hardware brands. It was up against full-service IT providers too. Through our mapping of the multiple players in this segment the brand’s two most distinguishing factors came to light:

E-commerce heritage

Most full-service IT providers came from an exclusively service background. None had Dustin’s hardware nor online sales experience. None came close to Dustin’s 250,000+ articles. None had their e-com platform and capabilities.

Operational focus

While the major full-service players jostled to be the most advanced IT strategists, Dustin’s pragmatic mindset and ‘get things done’ approach let it claim an operational and hands-on position. This position was a strong fit with Dustin’s own capabilities and culture and highly sought after by customers.

A new position – and a new brand promise

These key differentiators defined Dustin’s new position. They also led to the creation of the new customer-value rich brand promise ‘We keep things moving’, an idea sparking much internal energy and pride around the new Dustin. Later, it formed the basis for a new external brand communications concept too.

Uniting the organization

A transformation of this scale needed all of Dustin to believe in it.
The organization had been buying up multiple IT service brands to strengthen its new service-orientated position, which now needed to be seamlessly integrated into Dustin’s core business. The new positioning was critical in uniting all of Dustin around the combined business model and future offering ambitions.

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