DustinBrand insight

Data-driven from inception
The Dustin management team wanted the best possible foundation from which to make solid,
informed decisions. We designed an extensive four-module insights program to deliver precisely that.
01 — Consumers Customer insight and segmentation

The first module examined the impact of cloud services on customer needs and drivers; both Dustin’s core customers and the new IT buyer market it now needed to attract. Over 100 in-depth client interviews and a 1,000-strong IT buyer survey revealed quantitative insight into what different customers and segments expected from an IT services provider. This new level of understanding into the needs, desires and behaviors of the IT services customer set a spotlight on which segments the new Dustin should focus on – and how.

02 — Market Quantitative competitor and positioning analysis

The second module involved thorough quantitative market mapping of the rapidly changing competitive landscape. Dustin’s hardware competitors were familiar and understood. But who were the competitors in the new service driven category? Through relative strengths and quantitative positioning analysis we identified potential white space in the market.

03 — Organization Internal capability mapping

Module three examined how Dustin’s own capabilities aligned with new customer demands. In-depth assessments with a wide range of employees (with outcomes validated by a 2,500 strong employee survey) analyzed potential gaps, such as whether Dustin’s current talent mix could deliver on the more service-orientated position, and if the Dustin culture would support the necessary business shift.

04 — Business Business data audit

The final module analyzed key business data from Dustin’s own e-commerce platform. We scrutinized sales and profitability data across the offering, traffic and conversion rates, even purchasing patterns by customer segment. The insight gleaned informed how to design, package and market the new Dustin offering.