IntrumBrand strategy

From 23 brands to one
Acquisitions were the norm for former rivals Intrum Justitia and Lindorff. But when they merged, their two scattered portfolios of niche and local brands became unmanageable. The board of directors wanted to focus all future equity on one brand; Intrum.
A scattered portfolio

Initial portfolio mapping revealed a total of 21 brands besides Intrum Justitia and Lindorff. Some were standalone brands. Others were endorsed, by name, brand line or visual attributes to the two former competitors.

Careful investigation showed that the majority of these brands could, in fact, be integrated with Intrum. Either directly, or through a defined brand migration process over time.

One brand. Two conscious exceptions.

Two outliers were detected: brands with a focus incompatible with Intrum’s core business. Rather than to jeopardize the new Intrum, we developed alternative branding scenarios for these. This allowed Intrum to achieve the powerful one-brand strategy that serves the business so well today.

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