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Securing talent to lead the way
Few grow up dreaming of working in credit management. So how do you make a sector tainted with negative pre-conceptions irresistible to market-leading talent? And retain key people through the industry’s most seismic merger?
Four identified USPs

Through an extensive insights programme, enriched by interviews, external talent research and competitor benchmarking, we discovered the 4 USPs to inspire a much-needed Intrum employee value proposition (EVP).

1 Joining an international market leader

Bigger scale means bigger influence. Bigger ambitions and opportunity. Bigger clients. Better resources, agency and colleagues. Intrum’s size unlocks international doors, too.

2 Work with genuine meaning

Whether you’re helping companies get paid, working with people to manage debt, or upholding more ethical industry standards, being part of Intrum means leading the way to a sound economy.

3 Great opportunities to grow

This fast-growing, successful, international company is alive with growth opportunities; many created by the merger. The way Intrum encourages and supports personal and professional development is truly valued by employees.

4 A supportive culture where effort counts

Intrum’s culture is a unique blend of supportive and demanding. Open and friendly meets ambitious and challenging. It’s a place that sees and rewards extra effort.

From USPs to EVP

From these powerful USPs, we coined Intrum’s new promise to talent ‘Growing by making a difference.’ A complete messaging framework, brought to life with activation inspiration, was built around this new Employee Value Proposition. This was delivered to all of Intrum’s HR and TA teams as part of a cross-market employer branding toolkit.

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