IntrumMerging two brands

Two former competitors. One common direction.
A clearly defined, common brand. The unifying glue to transform two distinct companies and cultures into one. And to lead the way for Intrum’s 8,000 employees.
The new brand direction, defined

Shifting from two brands to one is a sensitive task. The foundations of both former brands had to be considered, so that the new direction could be embraced by both companies. We scrutinized the industry, examining the needs, attitudes and driving forces of new Intrum’s key audiences. And dug deep into what a competitive, profitable and future-proof brand demands.

Core brand ingredients

In credit management, size is strength. It’s key to securing the biggest assignments and serving the biggest global clients. And it’s why Intrum’s new market leader position is at the centre of the new brand platform.

Also core are the traits of Intrum’s differentiating approach to debt collection; a focus on ethics and customer care. And the rare quality of trust; essential both towards clients who hand their most valuable assets – their customers – over to Intrum, and the end-customers themselves, who Intrum need to engage in voluntary agreements.

Uniting the organization

To engage the entire organization with the new brand direction, we designed a full launch and activation programme. And alongside conventional presentation materials we also co-created an original game for employees, devised to spark understanding of and engagement in the new common culture and Intrum way of working.

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