Naming the merged company
The Intrum Justitia and Lindorff merger called for a new name. Fast. Not only to register the newly formed company. But to signal the start of change.

Three scenarios

We identified three basic naming scenarios. We could retain the Intrum Justitia or Lindorff names. We could create a combination of the former names. Or we could adopt something entirely new.

Pros and cons

The pros and cons of each scenario were examined in full. We investigated the awareness and equity of the two former names and brands across all their markets. We benchmarked against other big merger naming outcomes like AstraZeneca, Swedbank, TeliaSonera and Accenture with careful focus on long-term equity transfer. And evaluated the legal and trademarking implications of each scenario.

Our final recommendation

Our name recommendation was Intrum. A short, space-efficient name carrying strong brand awareness from the former Intrum Justitia, but with a clear indication of change. And a name that trademark protection and domains were already in place for. The new board of directors agreed with our recommendation. And Intrum was born.

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